Automotive Marketing Secrets From a Celebrity Chef

You’ve heard of Emeril Lagasse right? Who doesn’t know the great BAM man of cooking? He’s one of the most recognized celebrity chefs and helped put the Food Network on the map. But Emeril’s got a secret recipe for success that smart automotive dealers can copy for themselves.

I once watched a show on the Food Network that focused on biography’s of great chefs. On this show, Emeril explained that one of his favorite things was to do book signings. Why? Because he gets to talk to hundreds of people and they tell him what they want. Then all he has to do is give it to them.

Another featured chef was Paula Dean. Paula began her career simply catering out of her house. Later she moved to the Best Western kitchen. She was working hard and burning out fast. Time with her family was a thing of the past and she was barely making any money. Is this the same story you have to tell?

She decided to make a change and offer a country style buffet. It was a big hit! It wasn’t long before she was able to get an upscale location in downtown Savannah. Now her restaurant is one of the most popular places in town. She was quoted as saying, “I just decided to give the people what they wanted.”

Sounds simple? It’s all about giving people what they want.

Here are just two examples of very successful entrepreneurs. They are both restaurateurs, authors and TV personalities who gave their demanding audience simply what they wanted.

Sometimes auto dealers get so focused on their product and what they normally do that they forget the most important detail. Giving people what they want. It’s very difficult to sell something people don’t want. It’s very simple to sell and market something everybody wants!

So next time you are laying out your marketing plan. Think to yourself… am I attracting customers with what they want or am I just using the same old lines every dealer has used before. What do your customers want? Make that the focus of your next ad and give it to them when they come in.

Cheap Automotive Insurance – Get Started by Getting a Free Quote

Finding good cheap automotive insurance is now easier than ever thanks to the internet. In every state there are mandatory insurance options that are required for people. One of these is auto insurance. Almost everyone wants to have their own car especially the teens people have different reasons why they want a car on their own.

To some it a necessity in their work, to others it’s to show off to their friends while others buy it because it’s convenient for them. But no matter what their reason is they are not exempted in getting car insurance if they own a vehicle. Having your own car has a good feel on it but it also comes with a big responsibility.

However not all people who have cars follow the state requirements, to have their car insured first before they could drive it around. They have different reasons why they don’t get car insurance some thinks it’s just a waste of money while others don’t have enough money on their budget to get their car insured.

The state requires car owners to get insurance to protect them in case unexpected accidents happens on the road. Auto insurance protects your car as well as the driver and the third party involved in the accident if it is in your policy. Under this insurance you can find different coverage that will help protect you when accidents happen.

Some people do not get automotive insurance because it is too expensive for their budget but today if you take time to look you can find cheap insurance company that offers cheap automotive insurance.

You just need to be patient to look in your local state or even online. Here are some tips in looking for a cheap automotive insurance.

First gathering informant is very important this would be an advantage in your part. By doing this you’ll be equipped with knowledge that you might need later on when you look for the right insurance for you.

You also need to know and understand the different coverage that you can find under auto insurance. So that you won’t be confused in choosing the right car insurance for you.

If you can’t find cheap auto insurance in your local state you could try looking online. But be aware of scam websites so that you won’t fall victim to them. There are also ways on how you can help pull your premium rate lower. One of this ways is to increase your deductibles, aside from that avail all the discounts that you can qualify.

There are some insurance companies that offer discounts like when you get multiple insurance in their company or when you put security alarm in your car. But you still need to ask the agent if there are any discounts that you can avail or are their some discounts that they offer.

Also one way to lower your rate is to get only the coverage that you need there are some cases in which the agent will offer coverage that might not be useful to you so it is important that you know and understand the coverage and policies so that you can decline those that are not needed and accept those that you need.

Reading comments, feedbacks and reviews regarding insurance companies and coverage can also help you decide and find cheap auto insurance for yourself.

Automotive Dealers Investing More in Display Advertising

Display advertising has proven to be a useful tool for automotive dealerships when it comes to promoting themselves online. With the copious amount of options available it’s no wonder more and more dealers are spending more money on online advertising. According to eMarketer, the U.S. Auto industry is spending more on online advertising than ever before, and will continue to spend more and more each year. In fact, the automotive industry spends the second most money on online advertising, second only to the entertainment industry.

The money spent on online display advertising by the automotive industry in the U.S. is set to reach $5.8 billion by 2015, according to eMarketer.

The amount of money spent by dealerships on online advertising and display advertising should come as no surprise as the ways consumer’s search for new vehicles has largely shifted online. According to Yahoo, online searching is the number one source used by consumers to search and locate dealers. That is why it is so important for dealerships to increase their presence online through display advertising. Without these ads, dealers could lose out on consumers researching dealerships online.

New Technologies
The basic model of display advertising that requires buying ad placements on websites, or setting up ads to display on a pay-per-click basis on various websites through ad servers like Google is still very much the industry norm. The drawback of this type of advertising is that it did not allow for dynamic ad serving and would most times show users ads that are out of context.

But now there are new and more effective ways for dealers to reach consumers online. Retargeting technologies seem to be the major reason why so many dealers are investing in display advertising. Retargeting technologies are so effective because these types of display ads are shown to users who have engaged with a dealer via their website or a specific search query. These types of ads have been known to have a much higher rate of conversion. Retargeted ads also allow dealers to be much more dynamic with how they serve their ads.

The retargeting capabilities can be a powerful tool for dealerships when you consider that users typically use a dealer’s website to conduct research on a particular dealership and the vehicle or vehicles they offer. For example, this type of display advertising would allow ads to be served to a user that engages with an Audi dealership and looks at a page with an A4 model. Through retargeted ads, the dealership can target A4 ads at that user later.

Using Search and Display Together
Unfortunately when dealers create their digital marketing strategies, display advertising is often overlooked for search engine advertising, because it is largely assumed that if a display ad is not clicked then it is ignored. This is a mistake. According to Pretarget, companies using display advertising will see a 155% increase in traffic and a 5% increase in conversions that can be attributed to customers seeing display ads followed by search ads.

That is why it is so important for dealers to have a holistic approach to digital marketing. Without search advertising a user won’t see a dealer’s ad at the top of search results, causing them to lose potential leads. If a dealer solely uses search advertising then they could be missing out on valuable leads that are brought to the dealership through display ads. And if a dealer doesn’t utilize search engine optimization then their dealership will not show up in search results driven by users who search for their dealership after seeing a display ad.

The important thing to remember is that display advertising is a powerful tool that can tie together with a dealership’s other digital marketing efforts. With display advertising methods that allow dealers to reach consumers in different ways across the internet, it comes as no surprise that more dealerships are spending money on display advertising. If your dealership isn’t utilizing display advertising you could be missing out on valuable leads.

Fuel Efficient Cars At The Geneva Auto Show

The current biggest issue in the automotive industry is how to produce vehicles which will help in the protection of the environment. Global warming is an issue that has to be addressed immediately and car makers are joining the fray to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases being produced by vehicles. Hybrid cars, flex-fuel vehicles, and fuel cell powered vehicles – these are just some of the technologies being developed by auto makers in an effort to decrease the dependency on the non-renewable source of energy that is the fossil fuel.

What car makers have achieved in the field of fuel-efficient car making is being showcased at this year’s Geneva Auto Show. Different car makers are showing what they can do in terms of producing vehicles that will help the environment and preserve it for future generations. Furthermore, the current discussion about emission standards in Europe has played a major role on what car makers chose to showcase at the aforementioned event.

DaimlerChrysler is one of the car makers that will be unveiling their environment friendly vehicle. They have developed a lower-emission diesel engine that will be an addition to their lineup in the near future. It can be noted that the European market is already hosting a large number of diesel engine powered vehicles. The popularity of the diesel engine in Europe is due to its ability to provide adequate power and torque while cutting down emission and fuel consumption cost.

Another auto maker known for producing environment friendly cars which will unveil another concept vehicle at the Geneva Auto Show is Toyota. The Asian brand will put on display their new Toyota Hybrid X concept. The car maker is already known for producing high quality hybrid vehicles and the concept will surely be an improvement over the already fuel-efficient cars that Toyota has in its current lineup.

The major players in the auto industry are not the only manufacturers aiming for better fuel-efficiency on their mass-produced cars. In fact, Brilliance JinBei Automobile from China will be showcasing small and fuel efficient cars at the 2007 Geneva International Auto Show. The development effort that these companies took in the manufacturing of fuel-efficient cars will go a long way in the protection of the environment. While these developments cannot immediately stop global warming as immediate as an EBC brake rotor, further expansion of studies with regards to this technology will one day provide the perfect solution to put a stop to the emission of greenhouse gases.

The public can only hope that the commitment of these car makers in the development of cleaner car technologies will not waver. As for now, the public can view these innovations at the motor show which will be open to the public from March 8 until the 18th.