Styles of Automotive Lifts Available – Get Car Lifts That Meet Your Needs

Automotive lifts come in a large number of different styles. Some are designed specifically for small garages while others are made for large, professional garages. In both of these categories, some styles are built with long-term storage in mind. Here are a few of the different styles of car lifts you might be looking at.

Post Style Automotive Lifts

Two-post car lifts are a popular choice for most home garages because they use a small amount of space while still handling many different styles and sizes of vehicles. Symmetrical two-post lifts have two posts across from each other with stabilizing bars in the opposite direction to hold it steady centering the vehicle’s weight. Asymmetrical lifts have rotated posts with weight towards the front. The biggest difference between the two styles of lifts is that asymmetrical lifts allow access to the interior of the vehicle while a symmetrical style is better equipped to lift rear heavy vehicles.

Four post automotive lifts are commonly used for long-term storage and can lift heavier vehicles. This is because the additional two posts make them more stable. Unlike their two-post counterparts, vehicles are driven onto the lift. They are often found in the home garages of automotive enthusiasts, and even on antique and car show floors. Auto dealers often use this style for the vehicles in their showrooms.

Scissor And Parallelogram Lifts

While their design does not make them a wise choice for storage purposes, scissor lifts are ideal for working underneath a vehicle in a home garage. They often have a bigger price tag than post models and require more space. However, they give mechanics the space to work in the centers of undercarriages and are particularly convenient for larger vehicles such as buses.

Hydraulic Car Lifts

Mechanics who use their automotive lifts frequently often select this style. These models utilize the power of hydraulics to raise and lower a vehicle. Hydraulic lifts provide an added level of safety along with their ease of use. Specifically designed liquids that are run through cylinders and pumps power the action.

Some models combine the power of electricity with hydraulics. These are the most popular types of automotive lifts available since the power runs the hydraulics. They have great stability for storage and work quickly and easily enough for frequent professional and amateur mechanics as well as some professional storage companies.

Mechanical And In-Ground Lifts

These are similar to hydraulic styles without the hydraulics to raise and lower the units. Rather than liquids and cylinders, this style requires the use of locks, screws, bolts, and wrenches to lift. These models are inconvenient to use. Since hydraulic models are not priced much higher than mechanical styles, this option is often left behind.

In-ground lifts are space saving and convenient, however, these features come with a bigger price tag. These are the styles seen in big repair shops. The lift is stored at a level that is level with the floor so that cars can be parked on top overnight. They also work well for commercial applications because they add floor space when they aren’t being used to prevent damage caused by crowding.

Specific Use Models

Space-saving garage models are reserved for the indoor storage of multiple vehicles. These car lifts give the user the benefit of storing one vehicle on top just inches from a second one stored underneath. Showcase lifts have added features and appealing finishes. They are designed to complement the vehicle they are storing specifically for show purposes. They are often seen at places such as professional car shows and auto dealers. Both the garage and showcase units come in a few different styles.

These are just a few of the many different options for automotive lifts. A style has been created to fit into industrial and home garages. Some have added stability while others are great for quick jobs. When selecting car lifts for the jobs you have in mind, there is sure to be a style you can be confident with.

Marketing For Automotive Companies

The Automotive Climate In 2011

Despite the recession, the automotive sector has been showing signs of growth over the last 6 months. Thanks to increased export to countries such as China, UK car production has been positive.

UK car sales have remained steady throughout 2011 as the UK market continues to struggle with the recession that shows no signs of lifting. Thanks for finance, expensive cars are made affordable to people that cannot afford a one off payment, but small monthly payments over 2-3 years.

Automotive Marketing In 2011

By far the best form of marketing has to be advertising on TV, many of the leading car companies (Peugeot, Audi, Toyota etc.) use TV advertising to sow the seed of having a new car.

  • TV Advertising

Commercial adverts are the most popular, as car companies can catch people in-between programs and advertise new models of cars.

Program sponsorship is becoming more popular (ITV drama, Firm4, Gold comedy etc.) as the cars are showcased before shows begin and at the end before the adverts (very often with a voice over).

Financial services and car companies are the main business sectors that use TV advertising in the UK in 2011.

  • Visual Advertising

Car businesses use a wide variety of visual advertising techniques to showcase the new models coming out in 2011/12 due to visual advertising working so well for encouraging the buying signals.

Billboard advertising works well as it can be targeted to specific ares of the country (maybe that have historically had good sales of new cars) or areas of affluence (pockets of the UK where the more wealthy live).

Digital media is often used by car businesses (such as in the underground, at train stations, airports etc.) again because the visual image of a new car will encourage the buying process.

  • Sponsorship Advertising

Car companies are one of the main kinds of businesses to sponsor sports events (football, cricket, snooker etc.) due to the captive audience, most people watching the sports event will consider buying a new car at some point.

Although sponsorship advertising is very expensive, it is still a great way to generate brand awareness.

Outlook For The Automotive Market In 2012

All being well, there should not be much change in the development of the automotive industry moving into 2012. Despite markets being down and recession keeping consumer confidence low, car sales seem to be growing both overseas and in the UK.

Automotive marketing remains one of the primary messages being communicated by the advertising media showing that car companies have the money for advertising and are confident there is a market for new car sales in the UK.

Automobile Trade Shows Can Be An Important Part Of Marketing

It is an undeniable fact that the automobile industry is growing rapidly. A lot of people nowadays are getting more and more inclined towards having a personal vehicle. This is directly related to the socio-economic development of the world. Even a few years ago people with mediocre economic ability used to avail the public transport system all over the world. But, with the change in time and with the advent of globalization the whole scenario has changed rapidly and vehemently. Today automobile trade fairs play an important part in bringing new cars into the market and making people aware of the latest developments in the automobile industry.

An effective marketing policy

Trade shows have always been regarded as an effective method of marketing. The main advantage of these shows is that they help different companies reach a large number of potential consumers quite easily, which would otherwise have been difficult through conventional advertisement processes. Automobile companies can demonstrate their latest products and models directly in front of thousands of buyers thus giving a significant boost to their customer database. The exposure that they gain in these trade fairs continues to give dividend for long.

A useful platform for new business relations

Apart from individual customers, many industrial clients also visit these trade shows. They generally make bulk purchase for their respective companies. Exhibitors of these shows can thus cherish new business relations that can help in their future business expansion. The main advantage of a corporate relation is that once a deal is sealed it can be an almost permanent source of income for the company. However, it is to be kept in mind that business deals can be revoked on breach of contract. Therefore, both the parties have to be serious and careful regarding the deal.

What visitors get

It is not only the exhibitors who profit from these trade shows, visitors can also benefit from such shows. The main advantage for visitors is that they are able to take a look of products and models of different brands under one roof. Thus it becomes easy for them to choose the right product from a wide range of options. They can also interact directly with the manufacturers in order to have a better understanding of the products. Moreover, as there are different products under one roof they can compare one model with another in order to zero in on one model.

Automobile trade fairs are organized all over the world round the year. Participants can browse through the internet to know more about the trade shows and when they are going to take place. Normally there is a nominal participation charge for exhibitors. However, exhibitors should carefully check the target audience and the reach of the trade show before taking part in it. They can go through the past records of the trade shows in this regard. This will help them understand what they can gain at what expense. Visitors should also attend these trade shows after obtaining proper information about the show.

Automotive Trade Show – Sema 2008

The SEMA Show is a leading automotive specialty products trade show in the world. Held annually in the Las Vegas Convention Center, the show attracts more than 120,000 industry experts from over 100 nationalities, thus creating huge business opportunities in the automotive, truck and SUV and RV markets.

The Specialty Equipment Market Association or SEMA exhibition throughout its history has been held during the first week of November and on a Tuesday. However, last year’s show (SEMA Show 2007) was held from October 30-November 2, 2007. However, the exhibition is NOT open to general public!

Just like the previous years, the 2007 exhibition was a grand success. The SEMA Show 2007 attracted about 60,000 domestic and international buyers for exhibits organized in ten categories. The intriguing part of the show was New Products Showcase where more than 2,000 newly introduced parts, tools and components were displayed. The exhibits alone occupied two million square feet of exhibits.

The show features state of the art products falling under 10 categories, 3 of which are given below:

1. Business Services:This category entails services with a focus on automotive industry and showcases hardware, software, computers, financial services, store fixtures, warehouse equipment, fleet services, personnel & human resources services and systems, CAD systems and consultants.

2. Hot Rod Alley:The products featured in this category include street rod/hot rod custom and specialty parts, tires and accessories, bodies, alternators, catalytic converters, brake systems including disc brakes, electrical systems and components, chassis parts, gauges, aluminum radiators, exhaust systems,valve covers, sheet metal, shocks, and wiring kits.

3. Mobile Electronics & Technology:This category includes sound systems, LCD video devices & systems, MP3, DVD, CD, satellite radio, telematics, security systems, CB, GPS, on-board technology, antennas, cellular telephones and accessories, computer chips and PROMs and radar detectors.